Sunday, May 29, 2011


It's my hobby to draw and throw the disposable tea cups during my daily train journey to Office. Meanwhile one of my friends told me not to throw it; then I began to handover it to others who like it; After some time, I myself began to collect the cups; and now it is displayed here as an installation with some interpretations in the photographs.

Saturday, May 21, 2011



Installation as nomenclature for a specific form of art came into use fairly recently; its first use as documented by the OED was in 1969. It was coined in this context in reference to a form of art that had arguably existed since prehistory but was not regarded as a discrete category until the mid-twentieth century. Allan Kaprow used the term “Environment” in 1958 (Kaprow 6) to describe his transformed indoor spaces; this later joined such terms as “project art” and “temporary art.”

Essentially, installation/environmental art takes into account the viewer’s entire sensory experience, rather than floating framed points of focus on a “neutral” wall or displaying isolated objects (literally) on a pedestal. This leaves space and time as its only dimensional constants. This implies dissolution of the line between art and life; Kaprow noted that “if we bypass ‘art’ and take nature itself as a model or point of departure, we may be able to devise a different kind of art… out of the sensory stuff of ordinary life” (Kaprow 12)."

Here I have done some deviations. I have worked on the photographs of my Installations; an interpretation to enhance the dimension of the installation which I think is a success........